Handpicked Overwatch Betting Tips

Playing in Overwatch is never easy, but you know what’s equally harder? Betting on Overwatch. If you’re a bettor and you have already experience winning and losing Bitcoins at the same time, you know how everything works by now and you need some effective tips from people who know the ins and outs of the esports betting industry.

Overwatch betting tips are no different from other betting tips you often see on League of Legends or DotA 2 betting, but we have the best ones that can surely help you predict the results of each and every match from Overwatch League (OWL). With these tips, you can beat the house edge and run away with millions of Bitcoins! We’re not exaggerating. If you really have what it takes to be an excellent bettor, then so be it.


If you still have your fiat currencies in hands or you have prepared the account number of your credit card, stop what you’re doing and look for a Bitcoin Wallet immediately. It is advisable to bet with Bitcoins or Cryptocurrency when betting online since these are the most secure payment options. On top of that, you can experience peer-to-peer electronic transaction, anonymity, privacy, and free transaction fees.


When we say nitpick and pick, we mean to find the best and worst features of every bookmaker you can find. Don’t stay loyal to one if you think that it cannot provide you all your gambling needs. All you have to do is search the internet, after all, and you can find them in a blink of an eye. But to know more about the betting site you’ve chosen, also look for tipsters websites, read reviews online, or scroll through BitcoinTalk forums. You need a little help from other people every now and then.


One of the most important Overwatch Betting tips is to gather information. Be a researcher and follow a systematic procedure on how to get information online. You have the power of the internet to know the mechanics of OWL, the teams and players competing, and the tournament format. Compared to other esports tournaments, OWL only has 12 teams this season. It should be easy for you to get the strengths and weaknesses of these teams. From New York Excelsior to Philadelphia Fusion, a bettor must know everything. When your research begin and when the match start, get the information and let go of the biases. Avoid favoritism and spread your bets.